Friday, March 13, 2015

The S.S. Scots Brings Two Schools Living Across the Atlantic Ocean Together

Yesterday third grade students from Edna Libby School met students from La Coruna, Spain via Skype. In November 2013 our school district launched an iBoat, along with six other iBoats, into the Atlantic Ocean to track where the boats would journey in hopes of the iBoats eventually finding their way into a classroom. Before the iBoat S.S. Scots was launched, students painted it, named it, decorated it with school mascots, and predicted where it might travel to. While at sea the S.S. Scots was tracked via a GPS unit. Students could check in on live results during it's voyage. The S.S. Scots finally arrived in Spain a year later and students were able to chat with each other. Below is the video showcasing the meeting and some photos.


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